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Trump is down – this video can end him.

We have everything to lose if Trump gets access to the red button.

Voter research shows Trump’s access to nukes are the #1 issue that can convince swing voters to drop him. That includes voters who are otherwise unmoved by his sexist, racist, religious and ethnic bigotry. That means the more people who watch this video, the more Trump votes we can peel off. We have an epic roll-out plan for this video — including targeted ads in a dozen swing states — but we need your help.

This video and the #NoRedButton campaign could be the nuclear nail in the coffin for Trump. Chip in now to hammer it in.

This ad was paid for by Global Zero Action and not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.

Global Zero Action is a nonprofit organization funded by private contributions, which are not tax deductible (sorry folks, the IRS doesn’t issue tax write-offs when you target nuclear madmen — too partisan!).